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Why buy pre-owned automation hardware from us?

With Mizen Automation, you can be reassured that as a trusted industry supplier based in New Zealand, we will look after you.

The sourcing of used automation parts for industrial process control is a tricky process as one needs to weigh up all the factors such as reliability, condition, price and lead-time.

There are organizations out there that focus on shelling out huge sums of money to upgrade to the latest technology available on the market. Then there are organizations that believe in sourcing refurbished parts so as to replace hardware as it fails, this keeps their costs relatively low. And lastly, there are organizations that try a combination of practices fitting anywhere between the aforementioned two.

We, at Mizen Automation, provide our customers with new, used, repaired, near-obsolete and obsolete industrial automation products. All our refurbished industrial automation parts are subjected to a detailed inspection and a comprehensive refurbishment process, this in turn enhances the life of this hardware.

Another major factor affecting the trade of used industrial automation parts is the existing supply chain, either the parts are not available instantly, or one has to go through a long and cumbersome purchasing process with many risks. To reduce this timeline and simplify the process, Mizen Automation has a global network of partner companies so can source the parts you require quickly and easily. We also ensure that all parts sourced are genuine OEM parts and all such parts supplied by us come with a 12 month warranty. We here at Mizen Automation are confident in the reliability of these refurbished industrial automation parts and that is why we stand by every part we sell.

Mizen Automation prides itself on its business policy of ensuring a continuous supply of genuine industrial automation parts. There are many companies across the globe that will try to sell you new, refurbished or obsolete automation parts, but with these companies you do not know who exactly you are dealing with. You will not know if the parts that are being supplied are genuine OEM parts or if these companies will support you if there are any issues once the parts have arrived here in New Zealand. With Mizen Automation, you can be reassured that as a trusted industry supplier based in New Zealand, we will look after you.

For any queries related to the purchase or sale of industrial automation parts, kindly get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help!

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