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Benefits of Buying Refurbished Automation Hardware

At Mizen Automation, we provide a wide range of unused, refurbished, reconditioned and repaired automation products. Each of these parts…

Benefits of Refurbished Automation Products

At Mizen Automation, we provide a wide range of unused, refurbished, reconditioned and repaired automation products. Each of these parts is thoroughly cleaned, serviced and restored before being made available for delivery to our customers in New Zealand, Australia and Worldwide.

1. Availability

For many obsolete and legacy automation product lines, finding new or unused parts can be a challenging task. Often, searching for new unavailable parts can cause unreasonably long waiting times which in turn can increase the risk of plant downtime and lost revenue. Mizen Automation has partnered with worldwide suppliers of industrial automation hardware, and with quick delivery options available, we aim to help reduce the downtime for your production lines and keep it to a minimum.

2. Price

Refurbished industrial automation parts are known to be less expensive than new parts. Our affordable prices ensure that you can stock up on spares whilst keeping the part acquisition costs low.

3. Compatibility

Purchasing an exact replacement prevents compatibility issues versus upgrading to a newer component. For some manufacturers, it is better to stick with tried and tested hardware than to risk purchasing a different part that may not function correctly within their system and as such lead to further problems.

4. Reliability

Just because a part has been refurbished does not mean that it won’t last as long as new one. Additionally, many of our refurbished parts have seen little or no use throughout their lifetime. We are extremely confident in the reliability of our refurbishment process, as such we offer a warranty of 12 months on all the parts we sell.

5. Sustainability

When you buy refurbished equipment, you are ensuring that perfectly functional hardware is going back into the production environment and that it is not ending up in landfill. By doing this, you are playing your part in helping the environment as your decision means additional energy and raw materials are not required to manufacture new hardware spares.

As an established and trusted industry supplier, we provide our customers with new, used, repaired, near-obsolete and obsolete industrial automation products. Mizen Automation is the leading supplier of pre-owned industrial automation parts in New Zealand and Australia. We specialise in supporting users of obsolete automation equipment from major brands such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Yokogawa, Mitsubishi, Emerson, Honeywell, ABB, Schneider, GE and many more.

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